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A minimum $35 deposit is required for all paper services

Payable to: Seward County Sheriff



As Provided by Section 33-117


Serving a capias with commitment or bail bond and return                                              $   2.00


Serving a search warrant                                                                                               $   2.00


Arresting under a search warrant each person                                                                $   2.00


Serving a summons, subpoena, order of attachment, order of replevin,                           $ 10.00

other order of the court, notice of motion, other notice, other writ or

document, or any combination thereof, including any accompanying

or attached documents, ten dollars for each person served, except

that when more than one person is served at the same time and

location in the same case


Making return of each summons, subpoena, order of attachment,                                   $   5.00

of replevin, other order of the court, notice of motion, other notice, or

other writ or document, whether served or not


Taking and filing a replevin bond or other indemnification to be                                      $   1.00

furnished and approved by the sheriff


Making a copy of any process, bond, or other paper not otherwise                                $    .25

provided for in this section


Traveling each mile actually and necessarily traveled within or without                            $    .405

their several counties in their official duties, three cents more per mile

than the rate provided in section 81-1176  (**mileage is .375 or .405

Sheriff’s fees statutes effective 1/1/2004)


…except that the minimum fee shall be fifty cents when the service is                               $    .50           

made within one mile of the courthouse


…and, as far as is expedient, all papers in the hands of the Sheriff at            

any one time shall be served in one or more trips by the most direct

route or routes and only one mileage fee shall be charged for a single trip,

the total mileage cost to be computed as a unit for each trip and the

combined mileage cost of each trip to be prorated among the persons or

parties liable for the payment of same


Levying a writ or a court order and return thereof                                                          $ 15.00


Summoning a grand jury, not including mileage to be paid by the county                         $ 15.00


Summoning a petit jury, not including mileage to be paid by the county                           $ 12.00


Summoning a special jury, for each person impaneled                                                    $     .50


Calling a jury for a trial of a case or cause                                                                      $     .50


Executing a writ of restitution or a writ of assistance and return                                       $ 15.00


Calling an inquest to appraise lands and tenements levied on                                          $   1.00

by execution


Calling an inquest to appraise goods and chattels taken by an order of                           $   1.00

attachment or replevin


Advertising a sale in a newspaper in addition to the price of printing                               $   1.00


Advertising in writing for a sale of real or personal property                                            $   5.00


Making deeds for land sold on execution or order of sale                                                $   5.00


(a)_Except as provided in subdivision (b) of this subsection, the commission due a

Sheriff on an execution or order of sale, an order of attachment decree, or a sale of  

real or personal property shall be: For each dollar not exceeding four hundred

dollars, six cents; for every dollar above four hundred dollars and not exceeding one

thousand dollars, four cents; and for every dollar above one thousand dollars,

two cents.

(b)_In real estate foreclosure, when any party to the original action purchases the 

property or when no money is received or disbursed by the sheriff, the commission

shall be computed pursuant to subdivision (a) of this subsection but shall not exceed

two hundred dollars.


                                   CONVEYING PRISONERS

                                 As Provided by Section 83-424


The expenses and fees of sheriffs and other officers incurred in

conveying convicted prisoners to any Department of Correctional

Services adult facility shall be examined, adjusted, and approved

by the county board and paid out of the treasury of the county in

which the crime was committed.  The county board shall allow

expenses and fees at the following rates:


    For the sheriff, six dollars per day for time actually necessary in                                   $  6.00

    conveying a prisoner to the facility and return


    For each assistant or guard absolutely necessary, six dollars per                                  $  6.00

    day.  No allowance for assistance shall be made when only one

    prisoner is conveyed to a facility. 


The county board shall allow the actual and necessary traveling expenses in going

and coming. When the trip is made by automobile, mileage included in such

expenses shall be computed at the rate provided in section 33-117 for county

sheriffs and deputy county sheriffs for each mile actually and necessarily traveled

by the most direct route.


                                    MENTALLY ILL

                           As Provided in Section 83-337


For conveying a patient to a treatment hospital for the mentally ill                                    $    .405

and returning, mileage at the rate provided in section 33-117 for

county sheriffs and deputy county sheriffs for each mile actually

and necessarily traveled and for other service the sheriff shall

receive the same fees as for like services in other cases. (**mileage

is .375 or .405 per Sheriff’s fees statues effective 1/1/2004)



                     As Provided by Sections Indicated Below


In all cases where writs of attachment against property are issued, in addition to

fees Und Section 330117, the officers to whom such writ is directed for service

shall be empowered to demand in advance, and receive before said service, a sum

of money sufficient to defray the expenses incurred for work and labor in the taking

possession of or removal if the property ordered attached, and for the safekeeping

thereof; said sum to be taxed in the costs. (33-121)


The Department of Agriculture or any officer, agent, employee, or appointee thereof

may call upon any sheriff, deputy sheriff, or other police officer to execute the orders

of the department, and the officer shall obey the orders of the department.  The

officers performing such duties shall receive compensation therefore as is prescribed

By law for like services and shall be paid therefore as is prescribed by law for like

services and shall be paid therefore by the county (34-705)


Issue Distress Warrant                                                                                                   $  2.00


Distress Warrant, Levy                                                                                                  $  1.00


+ mileage at the rate provided in section 33-117 for county sheriffs for                                  .405

each mile actually and necessarily traveled by such officer on each

warrant.  When the officer has more than one warrant in his or her hands

for service, he or she shall charge only for the mileage actually and

necessarily traveled in serving all of the warrants, in which case the mileage

so charged shall be prorated among such warrants.  (**mileage

is .375 or .405 per Sheriff’s fees statues effective 1/1/2004)


Commission shall be allowed in addition on all taxes collected by distress

And sale as follows:


On all sums not exceeding one hundred dollars, ten cents on each dollar                               .10


On all sums exceeding one hundred dollars, eight cents on each dollar.                                  .08


All fees, mileage, and commissions shall be taxed to parties against whom

the distress warrants run and shall be collected as the original tax.  When

the taxes are not collected by distress and sale, the mileage shall be paid

as provided in section 33-117.  When mileage has been paid as provided

in section 33-117 and the tax, together with all fees, mileage, and commission

are collected, then the amount collected as mileage shall be paid to the county

treasurer with the fees and commission and credited by the county treasurer to

the general fund of the county.  (77-1720)


State of Nebraska a party – same as in other civil actions (25-21,210)


Public Service Commission – The sheriff or constable executing any process of

the commission shall receive such compensation as is provided by law for

performing similar services (75-130)


Summons from another country may be returned by mail, same fees as if

summons had issued in the county of sheriff (25-1713)             



No sheriff or constable shall be entitled to receive on mesne of final process any

Fees provided for in section 33-117, unless he shall return upon the process, upon

Which any charge shall be made, the particular items of such change.