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( 77-1719.02)


Any persons owing this tax on personal property shall be subject to property seizures under the issuance of a Distress Warrant by the County Treasurer.

Filing a schedule of property with the County Assessors is required by May 1st of each year. (Further information: Seward County Assessor, 402-643-3311)

Delinquent taxes are collected by the County Sheriff.

Additional costs may be assessed by the Sheriff, including warrant fees, levy fees, penalty, advertising, title fees, additional interestr and all cost of seizures.

There is no pro-ration of taxes. If the property is owned on January 1st, that years entire tax is due. Pro-rating taxes is a private issue between the seller and buyer. The seller and buyer are responsible to notify the Assessors Office of any changes.

For further information on personal property and the requirements, contact the Seward County Assessor at the above number.

Personal Property Tax payments are to be paid at the Seward County Treasures Office, 402-643-4574

Delinquent payments under a distress warrant can be paid at either the Treasurers Office or the Seward County Sheriff's Office, payable to: Seward County Treasurer.