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We, the members of the Seward County Detention Center, will serve with integrity, compassion, fairness and consistency.

We are committed to… · Compassion · Professionalism · Honesty · Fairness · Dignity · Maintaining a Well Trained Professional Staff

The Seward County Detention Facility was completed in 1978 with a capacity for 14 inmates.
January 1, 2003 to January 1, 2004
Number inmates booked into facility - 739
Average stay in days per inmate - 19 days
Average daily population - 21
At times during the last few years the jail has had to house imates in other facilities throughout the State.

There are two types of bonds that can be paid at the Seward County Detention Center. The Court will only accept cash as paymnent for Bond. You must bring exact amount of the bond, as the jail will not be able to make change. Bonds can be paid 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
CASH BOND - Full amount of the bond set by the court. 10% BOND - 10% of the total amount of bond set by the Court. 90% of the bond amount will be returned to the person posting the bond money.
BOND ASSIGNMENT - When posting bond ask the correction officer to fill out a bond assigment so the bond will be released to the person posting bond by the court of jurisdiction. You will need to furnish your full name and address.

1. Legal Paperwork
2. Religious Books or magazines
3. Postage Stamps
4. Cash, Money Order or Cashiers check for inmate account

1. You must be on the inmates's visitation list and be approved by the Jail Administrator or Supervisor before being allowed a visit. If you wish to have yor name placed in the inmates's visitation list please write the inmate.
2. No one under the age of 18 years of age will be allowed to visit unless, that individual is the inmates spouse or the are accompanied by one or more of their parents.
3. Each inmate is allowed a maximum of one hour for visitation. If the inmate has more than one visitor, the visitation time must be divided between all the visitors.
4. If the visitor causes a disturbance that visitor's name shall be removed from the inmates visitation list.
5. No personal contact visits are allowed in the Seward County Detention Facility.

Any incoming mail shall only have the following on the envelope or the mail will be returned to the sender.
1. Full return address including full name of the sender.
2. Full mailing address including inmates full name.
All incoming personal mail shall be opened and checked for contraband.